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In order to become a candidate for the Master in Science of Dentistry (MSD) program, the student must be recommneded by his or her Program Director, and complete the Research Committee Members Approval Form.


  • Choose a Research Topic and a Research Advisor (Mentor) and notify the Graduate Program Director. 


  • The Graduate Program Director recommends student and project to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs.

  • The Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs informs the Assistant Dean of Research.

  • Select a Research Project Committee
  • A Research Project Committee will consist of a Mentor and two to four additional Members. At least one member must be from the UPRSDM Research Committee. The committee should also include faculty members from the Medical Sciences Campus. Two committee members must be from the UPRSDM faculty. An expert in the content of the student project topic is highly recommended.
    A Statistician must be in a committee as a member or a consultant. A statistical consultant will provide guidance in terms of study design, sample size and outcomes measures. The idea is to balance your committee members according to your needs.
    An Epidemiologist will be part of your committee as a member or consultant depending on type of your project.


    • During the first trimester of your first year, register for course PDOC 9101 Research Planning and Design I, to be offered during the third trimester. During this course and under the guidance of his/her Mentor the student will develop the Research Question, Statement of the Problem and Literature Review.

    • Program Director and graduate student complete Research Committee Form and Cover Page.

    • PDOC 9102 on the first semester of the second year, the student writes the Materials and Methods section of the proposal.

    • The proposal should follow the Research Proposal Guidelines.

    • Once the student has completed his/her proposal, the Committee Director (Mentor) will determine if the student is prepared to present it.

    • Proposal Defense is completed in Course PDOC 9102.

    • Proposal Defense

    The Project Committee will oversee the student's research progress, including the oral presentation. The committee members may meet with the graduate student individually to offer recommendations prior to the presentation; additional recommendations will be made after the completion of the presentation. All committee members must be present during the proposal presentation and complete the Proposal Evaluation Form. Others interested in attending the presentation are welcome and will be allowed time for questions and recommendations after the committee members complete their participation. The Program Director will be in charge of announcing the presentation to the faculty and students. The Mentor will inform the student if he/she can proceed with the investigation after obtaining approval of the IRB.

    All students (and faculty) are offered guidance by the staff of the Research Center. The Center is located in Office #A-141E. In addition each graduate program provides a research coordinator to facilitate students’ research projects.

    • PDOC 9103 - Data Collection (Certificate Program)

    • PDOC 9104 - Analysis (Certificate Program)


    • PDOC 9000 - Thesis (Master in Science of Dentistry Program)
    • Final Oral Presentation

    The student will provide the Assistant Dean for Research and Committee Members with at least 2 weeks advance notice of the final oral presentation. The student is also responsible for providing each committee member a printed or electronic copy of his proposal two weeks prior to his/her presentation. The presentation is open to all UPR MSC community. The student must be responsible for making arrangements with all thesis committee members, reserving a room, audiovisual equipment, etc. Research Evaluation Form.

    5 - Copies of Thesis: 1) Library, 2) Director of Program, 3) Assistant Dean of Research, 4) Dean, 5) Student.                


    • Degree

    A final copy of the project must be turned in to the Assistant Dean of Research. Final certification of completion of the Masters requirements will not be given until the Assistant Dean for Research receives the copy of the research project.

    • Outcome: Research manuscript submitted to a peer reviewed journal

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