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Guidelines Introduction


The Research Proposal Guidelines consists of a detailed description of all the components and processes necessary to write a research plan (The Proposal). A complementary manuscript, Research Proposal Format, illustrates the different components in outline form. Both manuscripts will guide the student to the final content and form of the research scheme. Research Proposal Guidelines encompasses the conceptual and planning phases of a research and prepares the student for the execution phase.

The Post Doctoral student will write the proposal as a requirement for courses PDOC 9101 and PDOC 9102, offered by the UPR School of Dental Medicine. As a course pre-requisite, the graduate student must have completed PDOC 9006 (Research Methods and Applied Statistics for Dental Students).

Through these courses the graduate student will develop the necessary skills to analyze and interpret data obtained from scientific research, specifically how to conduct analysis by means of descriptive statistics and through the testing of hypothesis. The graduate student will understand different research designs and particular methods for the advancement of knowledge relevant to the professional practice of his or her selected discipline. After systematic critical search of the literature, the student will select and develop a research plan or proposal on a needed topic.

By the time the proposal is approved in the Research Proposal PDOC 9102 course, the student must have selected, subject to the approval of the mentor, the academic degree which will be pursued. Students pursuing a Masters in Dental Science need to approve PDOC 9103 Statistical Inference and will comply with other requirements if specified in their particular department. The student will prepare the document based on the guidelines of the particular journal in which the work will be submitted for publication. Publication of the research findings in a peer-reviewed journal is a primary objective of all the programs.

The components of the written proposal will be presented in the following order:


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